With the arrival of summer comes also the insects. One of the most unpleasant of them is the ant. Why? Because when they invite themselves inside your house, they come in a group!

First of all, you must know that ants are insects that appear during the spring and summer period. Their appearance may seem aggressive, since we do not see them for the majority of the year. This is due to the fact that ants are not able to withstand the winter and that there is no food available for them during the winter. Thus, they go hibernate in the bottom of their anthill to protect themselves from the cold.

As soon as they wake up from this long sleep, they go out in search of food and your house is an ideal place for them. They are social insects living in a high-caliber social organization. Among this social organization, there is the queen, the males and the workers.


The role of the queen is to lay eggs throughout her life while the workers have a duty to protect the queen, take care of food and maintain the anthill.


As for the males, they have a duty to impregnate the queen. In fact, the ants that you see in your home are workers who are looking for food for the colony.

Are you wondering what you can do to prevent ants from invading your home?

In this case, here are some preventive measures that might help you.

First, make sure to keep your kitchen clean to avoid traces of food, because if one of the ants find them, she will appeal to all her friends! If it’s too late and ants have already made their way to your kitchen closets, make sure to clean the chemical path that was created by the ants with cleaning products.

Second, keep your food in airtight lids to make sure there is nothing that can catch the attention of the ants. Then always keep the trash can closed.

Ants are not just about invading your kitchen cupboards, they can also be attracted to your sink that provides a source of water and food if you do not clean your sink. These are very persistent insects and it is likely that despite your best efforts you still can not break free of these small insects. In such a situation, it is necessary to take additional measures, such as closing the holes of the doors or windows, cutting branches that could be in contact with the walls of our house, repairing water leaks.

It is also important to know that there are thousands of species of ants, for example, carpenter ants could be very dangerous for the structure of your home and sometimes requires professional intervention.

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