Indian Moth


The Indian and Mediterranean flour moths are actually small butterflies. They can be found in food processing and distribution facilities and in dwellings.

  • The adult has gray-brown wings with reddish-brown tip
  • It measures about 5/8 of an inch
  • A larva measures 1/2 inch and had dirty white in color
  • Nests and grows in flour-based foods
  • Can tackle other dry foods
  • Feeds on flour, cereal products, dry meats and pasta
  • Also we can consider chocolate, nuts and dried fruit
  • It can be found in dried animal products and dried floral products
  • The female can lay 200 to 400 eggs in the spring
  • Its life cycle is about 6 to 10 weeks
  • Lives only one or two weeks after mature stage
  • Rapid population growth in a short time

If you see these butterflies or caterpillars in some of your foods, if the surface of the infested food is covered with silk threads and larval debris, you are most likely victim of an infestation.

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