poisson d'argent

The “silverfish,” is the other name of this harmful insect that is the silver tail. Covered with glossy shining scales, it is a nocturnal insect that is established in the bathrooms, the basements and between the partitions when the hygrometry is favorable to them.

  • Has three long hairy filaments at the tip
  • Measures just over 1 cm (0.39 inches) at maturity
  • Has a flat, wingless body
  • Prefers areas that are damp or exposed to water
  • An insect that circulates preferentially at night
  • Usually found in bathrooms, basements and between partitions
  • Appreciates flour, molds, mushrooms, paper
  • The silverfish can live for several weeks without water and food
  • Can feed on dust from an apartment
  • Follows the pipes from the basement to the rooms on the first floor
  • Lives in the bookcases, around the shelves of the cupboards as well as behind the skirting-boards and the door and window frames

If you find the presence of this parasite too frequent, call us without delay! An expert will be available to answer your questions and indicate the right steps to follow.

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