Wasps known as yellow wasps and hornets which are medium sized undesirable organisms. There are also several other species of very harmless wasps that resemble them, which are mistakenly thought to be harmful.

  • Measures between 10 and 25 mm (0.39 to 1 inch)
  • Recognizable with the black and yellow bands, sometimes white, which adorn its abdomen
  • Has a dart that contains venom
  • The species of social wasps (which live in colonies) are the most common and also the most dangerous
  • The German wasp is considered the most aggressive
  • Can sting to defend itself or to defend its nest
  • Feeds on meat that is high in protein
  • Feeds on sugar such as honey, ripe fruit, tree sap
  • Feeds on certain insects
  • The social wasp constructs paper nests of various shapes and sizes
  • The mason or pottery wasp is a wasp forming small nests of clay or mud or particles of sand and agglomerated clays with saliva
  • Can be established in openings of buildings, trees etc.

If you notice a significant wasp activity around your home, it is recommended to do a tour of the premises to ensure that there are no nests.

If you suspect any danger, call us now! An expert will be available to answer your questions and indicate the right steps to follow.

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