insectes volants

Prior to thinking of eradicating flying insects, it is better to take a path that consists of guarding oneself by controlling their activity. Any insect that appears in higher numbers than usual are to be watched, even if they are common. In terms of a major invasion, you could quickly become infested by wasps, flies, ladybugs and other pests, both inside and around your home. Furthermore, many of such insects can be rather imposing, even devastating or scary. You can keep yourself as well as your family far from an infestation by following a few basic rules.

Identify the source: This is the most important step at first glance because, by observing where they may come from, you will learn a lot about their habits. The insects are clearly coming from somewhere and it is up to you to make sure that you aren’t allowing them to penetrate into your dwelling. Moreover, once this is the case, once the invaders have taken possession of your walls, it is quite possible that a major infestation has already begun or is about to emerge.

Don’t attract the insects: Avoid keeping any waste near your living space at all costs – any stain and the least bit food are both delicious and attracting! Following this reasoning: keep your home free from any source that can attract vermin. Stagnant water or sweets left in out in the open are primary sources that stir up insect temptation. Be sure to seal the lining of your roof and do not hesitate to install heat or light devices that repel those flying nuisances.

An outdoor pesticide spraying: Why and what good will this do, you ask? This service is often required for apartment buildings and houses. Such can also be beneficial for the client areas of stores and boutiques, in order to keep them free from all parasitic activities – or in other words, clean. This spraying keeps you far from from possible damage due to the invasion of ants, wasps, spiders or other pests… The latter is in fact a seasonal treatment, with a 1st application in May and a second visit in August.

As for caulking, refer to our article on rodent invasions – all our tips and tricks can be found there! A whole team is at your service in order to carry out the appropriate steps and deliver you a turnkey preventive completed job. To keep away from a parasitic infestation, you will be issued an inspection report that will allow to reduce their quantity through following such. Two precautions are better than one, no one can be too careful, especially in terms of hygiene!

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