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Prior to thinking about getting rid of bed bugs that invade your home, it is better to be well-informed in terms of the treatment that should be applied. You can use an extermination company or, if you follow the eradication process in a rigorous way, you can also do get rid of them yourself.

Where should you start? First of all, make sure that you are genuinely infested by these parasites and if necessary, find out what they look like and where they could be hiding in your home. If your mattress is to be discarded, don’t hesitate in doing so, however you can equally cover it with a preventive anti-bed bug covering – or even just to move your mattress. This is done in order to prepare the room, or rooms, where the bedbugs have been detected – without neglecting to treat those that are adjacent to such. Bedbugs having the annoying habit of penetrating by the least interstices, hence, no place is at shelter.

How to proceed? Before removing fragile objects from the room, be sure to protect the latter in order to avoid spreading the bed bugs to other spaces. Sheets, blankets and clothes should be washed and dried, except for those that need to be dry cleaned. Knowing that only heat overcomes bed bugs, count on more than 120 degrees for high temperature drying. Strips of steam can be used for toys, any equipment or decorative objects can be placed directly in an airtight bin and the case is closed!

Effectively treatment: As certain anti-bugs products are only available in specific locations, multiplying the variety is a drastic way to obtain good results. Kits are available for this purpose which, while being more capable of eliminating bed bugs, such will equally save you time and money. In any case, protection remains the most effective method, both to prevent infestation as well as to prevent these terrible pests from returning. The Bed Bugs label affixed to your bedding is a guarantee of good prevention, therefore, prefer the latter to any other product.

Always remember to follow up regularly by spraying fine particle insecticide in aerosol form.

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