If we are discussing a rodent invasion, such is because we are dealing with unhealthy elements here. However, there are not only ways to prevent risks, but also to protect against them. Through the help of a few tips and tricks, let’s review how you can save your home from and invasion. Whether the latter be rats, mice or other indelicates, they are harmful to a home’s proper balance and, consequently, their occupants… in this case, you!

We will take a look at a few rules that should be noted in order to guard against such rodents, preventing them from proliferating through a good home insulation. Although you may believe otherwise, it is often ourselves, the homeowners, who incite these pests to invade the place, by unknowingly proposing a pleasant environment for them. It is in dwellings and areas that are most conducive to rodents that they like to install their lodge – so better to prevent now than to heal later!

Block their passage: The best way to prevent them from entering is to deny them any access, and for this purpose, your home must be absolutely hermetically sealed! For this reason, prior to thinking of removing such pests from your home, first make sure to eliminate any path through which they may enter. Take a few simple rules into consideration, such as clogging even the slightest crack in order to slam the door in their face. Filler or a little cement to seal the holes in your walls, foundations, basements or others and voila! Problem solved!

Banal repairs or a few barriers are usually more than enough to keep you far away from unintentional intrusion. Use screens or grids to protect air vents, pipe outlets, etc. by covering them. Similarly, focus on metal over plastic materials that rats and mice can easily eat through and destroy. You can use repellents like an ultrasound device, which emits a sound inaudible to the human ear but that displeases them strongly… fully knowing that all this will be effective under the condition of strict hygiene rules in and around your dwelling.

Regularly clean the interior as well as the exterior of your home. Never forget that rodents are endowed with a hyper-developed sense of smell, and as such, even the slightest scent attracts them. Any left over food, carelessly forgotten in a corner of your garden or home, and there’s a whole bunch rushing towards it. Now, finding yourself face to face with these critters is as unpleasant as can be, especially for children!

Keep odors away: Although dried foods may be their special treat, as well as that of other animals and birds, such must be contained in tightly closed containers. Areas of difficult access are in fact seen as nests where to hide for pests, such as behind the dishwasher, refrigerator or stove … especially as they have plenty to stock up on! Any surface where crumbs may remain is to be cleaned quickly, whether it be your tabletop in the kitchen, your floors or even your counters.

Always keep the lids of your bins and compost properly closed, even if their openings are less than 5 millimeters in diameter. Stacking garbage is to be avoided! Think of cleaning and operate a frequent cleaning of the rooms that serve you as storage, such as a cellar, storage room, attic or garage. Store cardboard, paper and plastic that can still be used in a shelter that is inaccessible to rodents, such as a well-protected area. All that can be eliminated is to be taken directly to the dump – the latter are seen as comfortable shelters, suitable for pests.

The outside of your house must also follow strict cleaning rules. To keep things sanitized, raise your garbage cans and composters to 30 cm above the ground. Your stock of firewood, for its part, should be placed at least 30 meters from your home and raised at 45 cm in height. Maintain its surroundings and clear your walls of any branches or grass that might be invasive.

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