Havoc XT Blok 10lb

Blocks of bait with the active ingredient brodifacoum (0.005%),


Blocks of bait with the active ingredient brodifacoum (0.005%), which is the most powerful on the market. This product is intended for indoor use. The brodifacoum is combined with a mixture of bait ingredients that are very attractive to rodents. It also contains Bitrex, a deterrent for children and non-target animals like pets. It has a hole in its center for optimal placement of secure bait.


TARGETED RODENTS: Rats and mice. RATS: Place 5 to 10 HavocXT® Blok ™ baits at 5 to 10 meters from each other. Renew with fresh baits continuously for 10 days or until there is no more rats. MOUSE: Place a Havoc-XT® Blok ™ bait at a distance of 2.5 to 4 m between each location. A larger amount may be needed where there is intense activity of the mice. Renew with fresh bait without interruption for 15 days or until there is no more mice.


Use these baits to eradicate Norway and Roof Rats, as well as the common mouse in farm buildings. Identify areas where rats and / or mice are the most likely to find and ingest the bait. Generally, the best places to lay baits are along walls, near openings with rodent marks, in or near holes, in hidden corners and places, between floors and walls, or where rodents or signs of their presence have been observed. Use only in areas where there is no food processing going on. For indoor use only.