How to prevent a flies infestation without using chemical products?


You are the owner of a restaurant, a warehouse, a grocery store or another attractive place for flies? Even if you have the best cooks in the world, nobody will come eat at your place if bees, mosquitoes, hornets or other flies will bother them during their date.

To assure a good control against them, you should try to understand their habits before contacting a Pest Control company. Unless you have a wasp nest in the middle of your kitchen, you could be able to fix the problem by yourself. This could help you save a lot of time, a lot of money as well as a lot of embarrassing mosquito bites.

Everybody knows that flies are attracted by light. We can also say with assurance that they are even more attracted by artificial sources of light. Why? We are yet to find a scientific explanation for this enigma. However, some scientists have elaborated a few assumptions. For example, some of them think that insects perceive intense light sources as a place where they are safe. Others believe they use light as a compass to guide them in their migration.

There are many ways to resolve a flying insects infestation, with or without insecticides. As an organization who wishes to position itself as eco-friendly, we obviously recommend you to use the methods not based on the use of chemical products.

The best way to do that is to take advantage of the fact that flies are attracted to light sources. The most popular traps against flies these days are the UV-A lamps equipped with glue boards. Indeed, these lamps emit UV-A rays to which bees, wasps, hornets and company are more sensitive.

In order to trap flies, we envelope the bulb with very sensitive transparent glue boards. For example, when a fly roams around the bulb, the slightest contact with it is enough to catch it.

In order to assure their highest efficiency, these lamps must be placed high against a wall. Indeed, insects head instinctively in the air to avoid the risk of higher danger on the ground.

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